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KD50 Frame Kit - £349

The KD50 X8 is a 5" double pusher design with the most versatility on the market for a cinelifter whoop! It features front and middle camera mounting, naked Blackmagic mounting, top and bottom battery mounting, and an innovative plug layout for easy building and access to all the components inside. It has rear and side antenna mounts, XT30 mount for camera power, foldable landing gear, and it flies amazingly well. You can even make an X4 from the same parts! Scroll down for more details.

Double Pusher

Double pusher with plugs! The top and middle ESCs can be connected with an XT60 and ESC plug so you can access everything without desoldering anything. The build is also so much easier. Changing the top layer props takes only a few minutes, the bottom ones are exposed so even quicker. See the picture for how the top and middle plates plug and screw together, and the video of me doing it in real time. This is so nice to have on a caged X8!


It flies very well. The frame is super stiff while being only 450g, allowing for a tight tune and low resonance. See the unstabilised videos and logs below.

Flight times

5000mAh 6s, 1400g payload, normal flying: 4:45
4000mAh 6s, 1400g payload, normal flying: 3:45
4000mAh 6s, 1400g payload, hard flying: 2:00
5000mAh 6s, 1000g payload, normal flying: 5:30
4000mAh 6s, 1000g payload, normal flying: 4:30
4000mAh 6s, 1000g payload, hard flying: 2:45


Camera mounting

- DAC mount holes with press nuts fitted for front or middle mounting

- Naked Blackmagic standard mounting holes


- Side and rear SMA mounting for antennas


- Easy USB access as FC isn't blocked by any standoffs, same for air unit


- Fits under the Torvol bag straps and rain cover for easy transport

Camera power

- XT30 mount for camera power, single and dual mounts provided

KD50 X4 Option

- An X4 option is also available for lighter setups

- This can be made just using the top and bottom plates from the X8 kit as well

- In theory you could have a convertable X4 to X8 build where you just add the mid plate with an ESC and motors all without any soldering, just a FC settings change


Weight: X8: 450g, X4: 300g

Size: 32x28x8 cm, 13x11x3 in (X4 is just half the height)

Mounting: DAC mount holes front and centre, 30.5x30.5, 25.5x25.5, 20x20 everywhere, battery strap slots top and bottom, SMA antenna mounts rear and side.

Frame kit:

- X8: T700 Carbon Top, middle, bottom plates

- X4: T700 Carbon Top, bottom plates

- Hardware

- Motor screws

- Stack screws and nuts

- Prints

- Battery pad

- Black/Red standoff option

**Does not include DAC mount**

Recommended Parts:

- DAC camera mount

- Xnova 2806.5 1700kv motors

- Iflight F5 props

- Hobbywing 60A/65A, Foxeer Reaper 65A ESCs

- Aikon F7 V2, T-motor F7 pro FC (as long as they have a good gyro)

- O3 or original Air unit (anything else you use for video will work and mount in the frame)


KD50 X8 Frame Kit - £349

KD50 X4 Frame Kit - £249

Shipping, all tracked and insured:

UK, £9

Europe, £19

Rest of World, £29

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