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X4 only version - £245

£294 Inc. VAT

KD50 is a 5" X8 cinelifter designed to carry a Red Komodo, Sony FX6, BM4k/6k etc. It has a unique design where the 2 layers that hold the motors can be detached with only 2 plugs. No other X8 whoop cinelifter has this feature, they all require you to remove or de-solder the motors to open up the frame. It is also a double pusher for better efficiency and performance.


KD50 has KDCM/DAC camera mount holes at the front and middle, and also naked BM mounting holes. This allows for top or bottom mounted battery. The top and bottom plate can also fit together to make a KD50 X4. It's a compact, stiff frame with fantastic performance and is much much easier to build and maintain compared to traditional designs.

KD50 | The Easiest to Build Cinelifter Just Got Smaller

KD50 | The Easiest to Build Cinelifter Just Got Smaller

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Weight: 526g

Size: 280 x 327 x 80 mm


KDCM/DAC camera mount (61 x 50.8 mm M4 holes with press nuts)

- Naked BM M3 mounting holes (90 x 124 mm)

- 20 x 20, 25.5 x 25.5, 30.5 x 30.5 everywhere

- 16 x 16 and 19 x 19 Motor pattern

Frame kit includes:

- T700 Carbon top, middle, and bottom plates

- Hardware

- Motor screws

- FC/ESC screws and nuts

- 3D Prints

- Mounted XT90

- Mounted XT60 (for connecting 2 motor sections)

- XT30 (for camera power)

- 2x battery straps

- Battery pad

- STLs and a Betaflight 4.4 tune can be downloaded for free from the KD50 GrabCAD page. The tune is used at your own risk and will not be suitable for all builds.

Recommended Parts (not included):

- KDCM or DAC camera mount

- KD50 Handles

- Matek 12S Pro BEC for camera power

- 2806.5 1700kv Xnova motors

- iFlight F5 tri blade props

- Hobbywing 60/65A or Foxeer Reaper 65A ESC and any X8 FC with a good gyro

- 6s 4000-5000 mAh Lipo

- Any XTV you like will fit, and there are SMA mounts middle and back for antennas

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