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KD Camera Mount Lite


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The KD Camera Mount Lite (KDCM Lite) is an all carbon, lightweight mount for small cameras on cinelifters. It works very well with the Blackmagic Micro 4KG2. It mounts to standard 30.5 x 30.5 mm M3 mounting holes and is adjustable from 0 - 50 degrees. It has a 1/4 20 slot and two sets of 1/4 20 holes for mounting your camera or anything else you like.

26g Mini Cine FPV Camera Mount | KDCM Lite

26g Mini Cine FPV Camera Mount | KDCM Lite

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Weight: 26g

Size: 40 x 45 x 24 mm

Mounting: 30.5 x 30.5 mm M3 onto any frame, 1/4 20 slot and holes on top plate

Kit includes:

- Carbon

- Hardware

- 2x 1/4 20 screws that work well on the BM 4KG2

- EVA foam pads

- 8mm M3 mounting screws

Recommended Cinelifters for this mount

- KD50 S

- KD50

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