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An ultra compact, Full GoPro carrying, sub 500g, 3" cinewhoop. The KD30 is as small as many 2.5" drones, while offering the flight time and performance of a larger quad. This cinewhoop can fit through tiny gaps but also has amazing performance for chasing fast subjects. It is one of the smallest 3" cinewhoops, and it doesn't even have to stack the vista or O3 on top of the flight controller.


180 x 165 x 48 mm. This makes the KD30 as small as the QAV-Pro Micro 2.5. Below you can see the KD30 next to the much larger Shendrones Squirt 3" (right), with the KD25 next to the GepRC Cinelog 25 (left).


How was this done? Mounting the vista or O3 vertically allows for everything to be pushed closer together, with the rest of the design removing unnecessary space and weight. This means a very compact frame without covering too much of the intake airflow, and keeping a 20mm standoff height, allowing the KD30 to also be less tall than other compact frames. The 3D printed vista cover also acts as a rear landing gear, with a cut-out for very easy USB and bind button access.

Weight? 65g for the frame with hardware and prints, and 75g with the GoPro mount and front bumpers. With a full GoPro Hero 10/11 and a 6s 650 mAh lipo (about 125g), the AUW will be under 500g, which is very important in some regions. Of course a bigger lipo (or HV lipo) can give longer flight times.


The KD30 is a sandwich style frame, offering a lightweight, stiff platform, that can take an aggressive tune and fly very smoothly. See the two videos for unstabilised footage straight from the GoPro. The first is slower flying, with an example of handling in high winds, and also in calm conditions. The second is pushing the frame a bit harder.


The KD30 can be tuned well, and the frame kit will come with 2 different tunes, one for each of the recommended props/motors. While all frames of this size have resonance that needs to be managed, the KD30 can be pushed hard and keeps up, letting you really lock in a great flight feel.

Flight time, Full GoPro:

- 5:30 with a 4s 1500 mAh or 6s 1000 mAh

- 4:00 with a 6s 650 mAh (sub 500g AUW)

- 2:00 - 3:00 ripping around


FC and ESC

- 20 x 20 stack and 25.5 x 25.5 AIO mounting options.

- Easy access to the USB port on both options, just like the vista USB port on the bottom.


GoPro and Power

- GoPro mount supported by 3 standoffs.

- Hole for XT60 or XT30 routing.

- Space behind the camera for capacitor.



- lightweight front bumpers for protection.

- They attach around the standoff, so the screws go all the way into the carbon.

- Bottom ones have small feet for landing.

The KD30 is a pusher design, with unobstructed exit airflow, but also has a safer more guarded intake compared to other 3" frames, making it ideal for flying around people (if experienced enough to do so safely).


- Built in mount for the battery strap.

- Countersunk screws won't dig into the battery.

- Top mounted battery for smaller form factor.



- lightweight video and radio antenna mount.

- Crossfire/other is kept away from the carbon

- All still compact within the frame's footprint.



- The frame wastes no space or weight, yet everything needed can fit inside.

- M2 Torx countersunk screws save weight and don't strip, unlike most M2 hex screws.


As a light 3" cinewhoop you may expect durability to suffer. While it won't be as strong as a 5" quad, this thing is very compact and very stiff, with standoffs in key locations to dissipate impacts and reinforce the carbon. It has been crashed at about 80kmph/50mph into the ground (grass field) with no damage at all, and fallen from about 20m/65ft onto the forest floor with only one cracked motor support (these are thicker on this latest design). Some glue and tape later it was flying without issue. This cinewhoop isn't intended to be crashed all the time, but it can take some light abuse.


Weight: 65g for carbon, hardware and prints. 75g with GoPro mount and bumpers

Size: 180 x 165 x 48 mm

Mounting: 20 x 20, 25.5 x 25.5, Vista, DJI O3, 19 - 20mm camera, 9x9 and 12x12 for motors

Frame kit:

2 mm T700 Carbon Fibre top plate and bottom plate

- M2 x 20 mm Aluminium standoffs

- M2 T6 Torx countersunk screws, including motor screws (pan head Torx screws and washers for GoPro mount and vista cover)

- 4x M2 x 18 and 4x M2 x 12 screws plus steel and nylon nuts for stack or AIO mounting

- T6 Torx key driver

- 3D prints, and STL files via email

- M5 hex screw and nut for GoPro

- Zip-ties for vista mounting

- Lipo strap

- Betaflight tune for the recommended setup via email

Recommended Parts: 20 x 20 stack (AIO 25.5 x 25.5 also compatible). 2004 motors (3600 - 3800kv for 4s, 2300 - 2600 for 6s or motor output limit). Gemfan D76 (quiet) or HQ Durable T3x3x3 (performance) props. Taller motors will not work, the props will rub against the frame. Tall props like the T-Motor T76S also rub against the frame, most 3" props are fine though.

KD30 Frame Kit - what you get in the box


KD30 Frame Kit - £89

Shipping, all tracked and insured:

UK, 1 - 2 business days, £4

Europe, 2 - 5 business days, from £12

Rest of World, 3 - 7 business days, from £15

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